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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

We Help Navigate The Intricacies Of Real Estate

As real estate regains economic traction, real estate development projects have increased throughout Kentucky. Developers may face land use restrictions imposed by law. Community members may be concerned about the impact of development in their area.

Whether you are interested in developing property or are concerned about pending development in your area, an experienced real estate lawyer at Broderick & Davenport, PLLC, can guide you. Regardless of how big or small the development, there are complex real estate and zoning laws to consider.

Your Partner In Commercial And Residential Real Estate

Some of the legal services we provide to landowners and developers involve:

  • Leases/evictions
  • Commercial development
  • Challenging/proposing changes to planning laws
  • Other land use disputes
  • Zoning challenges

State law holds landowners’ property rights in high regard. You have many rights as a property owner and may need to exercise these rights in the event of a land dispute. You may even be facing an eminent domain problem or condemnation issue.

If so, it is essential to hire a skilled real estate attorney. Your land dispute may require litigation in state or federal court. Like with other real estate issues, property litigation can be a lengthy, complex process. Our real estate lawyers understand the law and can use it to your benefit.

Focused Counsel For Development Projects

As a developer, you will need accurate information and legal advice about what exactly you can do with the property you purchased. There may be previous land use restrictions on the property or new laws that will change your property options.

Developing property, whether it is commercial or residential, is a big undertaking. There are many steps in this legal process, and new challenges could arise at any time. A common legal issue many developers face are zoning challenges or violations.

Zoning laws dictate the lawful use of a property based on where it is located. These laws are designed to benefit the community as a whole, for both residents and developers alike. You may have purchased property believing it was properly zoned for your intended use, but later learned that was not the case. An experienced zoning lawyer can help you work through these issues in an efficient manner.

Often, local government officials propose changes to zoning laws. Whether you are a developer or not, altered or new zoning laws could impact you. In some cases, new zoning ordinances can positively impact landowners and the surrounding community. Other times, zoning changes could harm real estate owners. Your attorney can represent your interests when it comes to new proposals for zoning and/or land use restrictions.

Prepare For Your Next Project Or Dispute

The attorneys at Broderick & Davenport, PLLC, based in Bowling Green, can help you resolve your real estate problems, either out of court or through litigation. Our firm understands the many complexities of Kentucky property laws and will work hard to best represent your interests. Schedule an appointment today at 270-782-6700 or by emailing us to explore your options.

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